Service Assistant Vacancy in Dubai

Service Assistant Vacancy in Dubai

Name: Canadian Specialist Hospital: Service Assistant Vacancy in Dubai

3.3* out of 5*

Abu Hail

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Abu Hail

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Published on: May 30, 2024 | Apply before: June 30, 2024 First Batch

Job Category: Nursing/ Caregiving

Experience: 1 Year

Gender Preference: Female

Service Assistant Vacancy in Dubai


Provides safe, courteous, and timely “patient-centered” assistance in the clinical areas and completing general escort responsibilities as listed below. They will also serve as a direct link and communicator between patient and other health care professionals whenever there is a need.



Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing / Diploma in Nursing is a must/ Caregiving Background

Relevant healthcare qualification (Optional and preferred).

Familiarity with medical and nursing terminology preferred.

Friendly and personable. Excellent customer service skills are required!

Must have good skills in MS Word, MS Excel and computer courses or related fields.

At least one year of experience in a hospital environment, or as a Receptionist /Customer Care.

Service Assistant Vacancy in Dubai

Service Assistant Vacancy in Dubai
Service Assistant Vacancy in Dubai

Over 21 years old.

Able to communicate with a wide range of people & staff.

Must be able to follow instructions accurately and work as part of a team.

A team player. Must work well with others.

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Excellent command of oral and written English. Knowledge of the Arabic language is desirable but not essential.

Communication, and interpersonal skills as applied to interaction with co-workers, superiors, patients & families.


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Service Assistant Vacancy in Dubai


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